Spiritual journey in Ladakh


As known popularly, Ladakh is the land of Tibetan Buddhism, more so, of spirituality. For any human being, life without a sense of spirituality can be as pathless as that of someone who is lost in the ocean with no will to survive. Therefore, if you have been feeling like dipping your feet in the ocean full of the knowledge of spirituality, you must know that Ladakh is your place to be.

Below are some places to visit and things to do that you would not want to miss if you’re looking to get closer to spirituality on your trip to Ladakh.

Mystical Monasteries - Come and witness the grandeur and simplicity all at once at the Buddhist Monasteries of Ladakh. You will be one step closer to witnessing how the monks live their lives and how they achieve a sense of calm despite everything going around in the world.

Luring Landscapes - Ladakh is unlike any other mountainous region in India. Its uniquely weathered mountains, roads with a 360-degree view, an unbelievable night sky and the ever-so-warm people of the villages make the place worthy of the title of ‘Heaven on Earth’. All of this, on its own, is enough to give you a taste of what a simple life feels like. As you enter into this land of the cold desert, you will immediately feel the sense of calm all around you. As you begin to witness the beauty as far as the eyes can see, you will realise that you are finally one step closer to Spirituality.

Charismatic Culture - Although Buddhism is the dominantly practiced religion in this particular region, it warmly invites people from all backgrounds and religious identities. When you interact with the people of Ladakh, you will come to realise that it is not religion that binds people, but their warmth and hospitality. You will feel at home instantly and will leave with a piece of your heart here.

Tibetan Buddhism in Ladakh

Tibetan Buddhism is the religion practiced by most of the Ladakhi today.
Ladakh has a long history of invasions and migrations for the last two millenium.
Muslim and Buddhist influences have both shaped the culture and the architecture of Ladakh, but since the Namgyal dynasty, still existing today in Ladakh, Tibetan Buddhism remains the dominant tradition.

As Tibet has endured a the Chinese invasion, Ladakh is now known as the little Tibet of India, understand the free Tibet where the local people can enjoy their traditions.

Hence, Ladakh and Spiti are amongst the last regions where Tibetan Buddhism is strictly practiced by the locals !

Each monastery of Ladakh is a Buddhism teaching center for the monks.
If you are interested in the Tibetan Buddhism philosophy, we will organize your trip including Buddhism teaching sessions with a Lama.
Tibetan culture

Tibetan culture

The history of Ladakh is close to the history of Tibet.

Meditation and Yoga in Ladakh

Meditation in Ladakh


The monasteries, meditation centers and other places in Ladakh offer the perfect atmosphere.

Meditation is a practice where an individual or a group of individuals use a technique to train their mind, and achieve a mentally clear, emotionally calm and stable state.

Meditation has always been an important aspect of the Tibetan Buddhism as the mind is being used as an instrument to explore the mistery of the unconscious and enrich the understanding of life and death.

You can take the opportunity of being in Ladakh to learn and practice meditation and Yoga.

This can be a part of a spiritual journey to Ladakh or just a one time experience at a chosen location during a classic tour.

Let's know your requirement and we will prepare your tailor-made trip to Ladakh.

Shamanism in Ladakh

Shamanism is a form of spirituality emerging within animist societies. Indeed, throughout the world, communities that live directly from environmental resources and that have not been influenced by a dominant religion, draw their inspiration from natural elements.

The members of these communities feel a much more intimate connection with animated nature, and therefore a relationship with the spirits that animate it is established.

The medium is a shaman. It connects with spirits and natural energies by altering its state of consciousness and then uses it to heal or for other reasons such as predicting the future.

In Ladakh shamanism is very present. It is independent of Buddhism, but the shamans borrowed some Buddhist traditions to survive the religious influences often hostile to shamanic practices.

Interestingly, the shamans of Ladakh are women. They are called Lhamo.

If you are interested in shamanism, we can organize your a shamanic session with a Lhamo, or even focus your entire trip on the shamanic experience.
Enquire now to let us know your interest !
Shamanism in Ladakh

A Lhamo in Ladakh

According to recent researches, shamanism is increasing in Ladakh.

Tibetan medicine in Ladakh

Tibetan medicine in Ladakh

Tibetan medicine

The medicine is based on a strong knowledge of the medicinal plants and minerals.

Tibetan medicine has been the traditional health system of Ladakh since time immemorial.
And because of this, Tibetan medicine is rich in a mixture of several millennial traditions. We can see there the influence of Indian Ayurveda or traditional Chinese medicine.

The traditional Tibetan doctors are the Amchi. Many villagers are still treated by the Amchi.

Ladakh is truly a land where traditions are still very much alive.

You can come to Ladakh with us and meet Amchi who will share some of their knowledge with you. What do you think of a mountain walk with an Amchi in search of medicinal plants?

Interested ? Let's know !.

In search of magical places

Ladakh has many places which are considered sacred because a special energy emanates from these places.

Geographically, they are passes, lakes, mountains, particular rock formations, natural cellars.
Or they can be legendary places, places where such and such a saint to ponder, or found enlightenment.

These places are often marked by man as important, by building chortens, stupas, monasteries there, or simply by placing engraved stones and hanging prayer flags.

are you ready for a spiritual journey in Ladakh ?
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Magical places of Ladakh

Magical places of Ladakh

Ladakh has no shortage of incredible landscapes that can enhance your sense of spirituality.

Ladakh Monastery Festivals

Festivals of Ladakh

Ladakh Monastery Festivals

At the Hemis festival, the monks wear incredible masks and costumes while performing dances.

Your spiritual journey does not have to be only about meditation, medicine, and shamanism.
You could even find your spirituality in the colors showcased at the festivals in the monasteries of Ladakh.
Traditional dresses worn by monks and other performers may help your curious soul drift into another beautiful dimension.
Although the faces of the performers may not be visible, the traditional masks worn by them will tell stories if you are keen on listening.

Visit the Festivals of Ladakh page to know more.

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Himalayan Ecotourism Awards

Our awards

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